Senior Director of Production

Will Armistead

A product of corny 80s comedies and 90s sitcoms, Will appreciates making storytelling simple and fun. His approach is always to engage, charm and, really, just make people smile.

When writing, he strives for relatability. When directing, he brings big energy. When shooting, he seeks out variety. And when editing, he operates precisely.

Will is well-traveled having unintentionally attended three colleges and universities, eventually having churned out a degree in broadcast communication and writing. Prior to Banner, Will was the sports director at NCTV17 and a cinematographer with the Chicago Fire. He loves spending time with his wife, son and dog, Biff. He loves the suburbs. He loves coffee. And he loves cheering for the Dodgers.

He’s convinced George Costanza is television’s greatest character, and there’s no better film about babysitting than Adventures in Babysitting.

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