Spencer Wehde

Spencer is an editor at Banner Studios, bringing nearly a decade of experience to the edit suite. She kick-started her career by joining the ranks of US Soccer, where she jet-setted around the world with the Women’s National Team and became an expert at cutting content on the fly. Since then, she’s fallen in love with Chicago sports and has brought numerous stories to life for the hometown hero Chicago Blackhawks. Beyond the arena, Spencer has lent her editorial finesse to many clients, including Meta, Subway, Amazon, and Wholly Guacamole during her time at VFX house, The Mill.

Now, let’s talk pasta. Spencer has recently uncovered a passion for the culinary arts (shameless plug for @spencerlearnstocook). When not meticulously refining an edit, she can be found at the kitchen island, experimenting with recipes and nurturing her belief that Italian food deserves a food group of its own. She’s currently the frontrunner to become Banner’s unofficial manager of all things pasta—a testament to both her craft and the pursuit of delicious storytelling.



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