Paul Nero

Paul is… “losing his edge to better-looking people with better ideas.” He is Banner’s Peoples’ Champ. As a cinematographer and editor, he enjoys the opportunity to share the stories and portray the lives of those who don’t often get to see the spotlight. Throughout his career, he has gotten to document the lives of Hall of Fame athletes and grassroots community activists. From the red carpet to main street, Paul instantly builds a rapport with subjects and clients alike. He stays cool, calm and collected under pressure and can make difficult or stressful shoots seem easy. He understands the value of a helping hand and won’t hesitate to offer his up to coworkers and collaborators. As he’d put it, “I’m not particularly talented. I just work hard.” When it comes to work, he tries to make the best he can make to the best of his ability out of love. When he makes his fortune, he’s going to spend it in style.

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