Account Director

Kayla Roan

Kayla Roan is a professional juggler. She makes sure we never drop the ball. As our Account Director, Kayla gets to know each of our clients… like really get to know them. This is the Central Illinoisan in her. Not only does she organize projects both internally and externally, but she will also memorize your dog’s name, a birthday and when the best time is to email you. It is essential to the juggling act. Prior to Banner, Kayla worked for 13 years at the Chicago Blackhawks where she was Banner’s (favorite) client. 

Fun fact: she also met her husband, Andy, while working at the Blackhawks. She has a side quilt-making business that will pick up again when she isn’t chasing her two favorite toddlers, Callan and Wade. Her daily essentials include a calendar, baby wipes, a Nitro Brew and a fire playlist. 

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