Content Producer

Erinn Casey

Erinn Casey is a content producer who dabbles in a little bit of everything: filming, editing, and even some animation. She loves that she can combine her creativity and technical skills with her love for Chicago sports. At Banner, she focuses on all kinds of Blackhawks content.  

Erinn majored in Digital Sports Production at Ball State University (chirp chirp!) and spent 5 years as a videographer and editor for the Chicago White Sox. 

When she’s not running around an arena or ballpark with a camera, Erinn can be found on a beach with her nose in a book. She is a self-proclaimed ‘mixologist’ and is always experimenting with new handmade cocktail recipes.

Erinn is often described as a go-getter and is always willing to help out with even the smallest of tasks. She’ll always show up on set with a high ponytail, a coffee, and a smile on her face.

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