Creative Director

Cara Suglich

Cara is somebody’s mom/friend/sister from the Southside of Chicago. After graduating from Marquette University with a real degree in something she made up (basically a way to learn how to do the things she does now before she knew that she could do those things), Cara started her career and grew up at Ogilvy. There, she learned from the best brains and hearts in advertising. She has an MFA in creative writing from Northwestern University where she learned from her favorite writers in the universe. She loves magical realism, dark comedy, light, sour cherries, garlic bread, trees, water and lists. There’s absolutely nothing better than her son’s laugh. Except maybe the way he greets her after a long shoot day. Often running, with claws and a roar. When she’s not playing lions with him, she is writing, directing or coming up with ideas for clients and buddies at Banner Studios as well as helping her pals bring their ideas to life the way they dream them up. She brings empathy and human caring to every set and story she’s a part of. She wants to know how you’re doing today.


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