October 9, 2023

Pulling a seagull out of a hat

When a camera loses its signal, the color bars graphic appears. This natural occurrence has been observed since the dawn of time/the talkies (probably). What we do at Banner Studios fills the signal. We reconnect the mechanism to create electric current and… voila! Motion pictures, baby. So, visually, we built our brand’s identity on the grid created by the color bars graphic — and filled it in with magic. 

Strategically, we built our brand on the magician archetype. In all of storytelling, there are 12 “archetypes” that can create a framework for every kind of character and narrative we can craft. Banner is a magician because we’re motivated by working to leave a legacy through the stories we tell. We toyed with the idea of the jester, because… we’re pretty silly. But we found the right note when we played joyous stories — ones that transform people, places and perspectives. It’s the transformation that makes us magicians. We use the power of filmmaking techniques and tricks that appear almost mystical to make dreams come true, to breathe life into what once just lived in our imaginations and our hearts. And we have fun doing it. We hope you see what we mean in everything we make.

The process was as fun as the product. Every team member pitched in, participating in a series of workshops that helped us build out our brand voice, visuals and logo. That’s rare. But it’s really indicative of what’s core to what makes Banner … Banner. We listen. We work together. And we don’t just say that — we live it. Our strategy was radically reshaped by one employee’s addition of “Peanut Butter Jelly” by Galantis to our “What’s Banner sound like” playlist. “Oh, we’re THAT kind of fun!” is the thought that clicked with the inclusion of that goofy but joyful and lively jam. We all worked together to name every color in our wild color palette. One team member suggested that white be called “Magic Seagull” and we haven’t stopped laughing at the image of how weird it would be to be sitting innocently at a magic show, ready to see a sweet, soft rabbit emerge from a top hat… and instead, watch a man in a purple cape pull a seagull out by its neck.

We’re a full-service creative studio. Our core skills are in filmmaking. But we definitely found a new thrill by using old muscles many of us had used at past jobs. Brand building is a joy and a privilege — all those eyeballs and hearts that you get to touch! We would love the opportunity to build your brand and touch your eyeballs, too. With the experience we have on staff — design, strategy, storytelling, voice definition, naming and more — we can offer partnership from conception of your brand all the way through post production. And we’re so fun to work with.