Better at the Ballpark

Chicago White Sox

Director: Cara Suglich
DP: Justin Zipser
Design & Motion Graphics: Jessica Conquest, Erin Curran, Grace Lawton
Editor: Justin Zipser
Photography: Justine Burchall
Print Production: Jessica Conquest

This captivating series of commercials compares watching White Sox games at home and savoring them live at the ballpark. With, like, fun. And jokes.

Each commercial artfully depicts why things are “Better at the Ballpark,” whether it’s the food, the fun or the proximity to stars. We’re especially enamored with the graphics on these spots, their dynamic motion highlighting the theme of the spots.

Okay, full admission: we tried to get AI to write this summary and it was mediocre at best. But we did the commercials ourselves, from conception to production through post.