All Day


Director: Cara Suglich
DP: Dustin Miller
Design & Motion Graphics: Jessica Conquest
Editor: Spencer Wehde

Wintrust Community Bank came to us looking for a series of spots that would educate potential customers about the services they offer, on par with all the big banks they compete with, but better — because of the answer to the question, “Why Wintrust?”

The answer? It’s the personal relationships Wintrust bankers build with their customers. Because they are truly neighbors. Hence, community bank. They wanted to create a character who could represent their bankers in ongoing stories. So, we created Vivian and her neighborhood.

Each character in this little universe was given a fully-formed backstory. Even the bunny, who the little girl on set named Blueberry — inspired by the blueberry pancakes her neighbor, the banker character Vivian, made for her at imaginary slumber parties with her daughter. It was all carefully designed to build a feeling of true connection, while communicating the functional services the bank offers. This was the full-length story of a day in the life of our banker, Vivian. We also created shorter stories to highlight specific services. We concepted, wrote, shot, directed, produced, edited, color-graded, scored and built this little universe with care.