1616 Series

Ladd Foundation

Director: Patrick Dahl
DP: Justin Zipser, Tommy Polcyn
Creative Director: Cara Suglich
Design & Motion Graphics: Jessica Conquest, Luke Pollard, Erin Curran
Editors: Will Armistead, Justine Burchall, Chris Scudder, Ben Sabal, Annie Kalfas, Tommy Polcyn, JoVaughn Trammell

Andrew and Brandy Ladd have started a foundation dedicated to helping youth hockey players excel off the ice by focusing on the mental aspects of being a hockey player. To do this, we worked with the Ladds, a team from Queens University and The Impact Society to craft 16 weeks of bespoke content including video, off-ice mental exercises and on-ice drills.

The curriculum was a huge success and has grown exponentially since its release, including forging partnerships with the NHL and hockey organizations across North America.