October 9, 2023

Hot Dogs on Ice: Crafting a Unique Chicago Blackhawks Schedule Release

Client: Chicago Blackhawks

Project Brief:

The Chicago Blackhawks, one of the most iconic franchises in the NHL, approached Banner Studios with the challenge of announcing their upcoming schedule in a fresh and engaging manner. They wanted to surprise their fans with something unique, memorable, and undeniably Chicago. Our mission? To create a concept that would bring together the passion for hockey and the city’s love for, well, hot dogs.

Concept Development:

Our team of creative minds at Banner Studios began brainstorming ideas that would capture the essence of the Blackhawks while also embracing Chicago’s culinary culture. That’s when the “Hot Dogs on Ice” concept was born – using hot dogs designed like NHL teams to unveil the schedule.

Designing the Hot Dogs:

To bring this concept to life, we needed hot dogs that were not only visually appealing but also instantly recognizable as representations of NHL teams. Our culinary experts worked meticulously to craft each hot dog, utilizing food coloring and condiments to mimic the colors and logos of the teams. Can you name the teams featured here?

These hot dogs weren’t just food; they were edible works of art.

Video Production:

To present this edible masterpiece to the world we partnered with a hot dog squad (or three food stylists, if you’re being professional: Kathy Biagi, Erin Whealan and Margaret Martin) to ensure we could film all 32 teams in one day. We started slow and steady, but by the end of the day we had our process down pat and would rival any NASCAR pit crew.

Results and Impact:

The “Hot Dogs on Ice” video became an instant sensation. It was shared widely on social media, creating buzz not only among Blackhawks fans but also in the broader hockey community. The innovative approach showcased the team’s personality and playfulness, fostering a deeper connection between the Blackhawks and their fans.

At Banner Studios, we take pride in pushing the boundaries of creativity to deliver memorable marketing campaigns. The “Hot Dogs on Ice” concept for the Chicago Blackhawks was a testament to our commitment to innovative thinking and our ability to craft unique experiences that resonate with fans. We look forward to continuing our journey of creating remarkable moments and building strong connections between sports teams and their devoted followers.